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  • Fred & Flo Ultra Dry size 5 40 pack
  • Up to 2x drier* Up to 12 hours absorbent protection Dermatologically tested New improved softness Size 5 11 25kg 24 55lbs 40 Ultra Dry nappies Slim & snug freedom to wriggle Do not flush REDUCE (plastic reduced by 15%)
  • "Why is it…" I said to Fred, That your face is turning red?" Fred did a little knowing face, now it's off to the changing space! Absorbing Channel Locks away wee for long lasting dry feeling Up to 12 Hours absorbent protection - cosy nights all round Rapid Dry Technology - Up to 2x drier* Secure fastening - even when I wriggle, it keeps my nappy where it should be! Slim feel - lets me wriggle freely Dermatologically tested - gentle against skin Same amount of nappies in a lighter bag to reduce packaging weight by 15% **Compared to previous Fred & Flo Ultra Dry Nappy carry packs

Fred & Flo Ultra Dry Size 5 Nappies Jumbo Pack 72

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