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Elysium Epsom Salt is a must-have health product. This salt is made of magnesium sulfate and helps relax muscles, ease skin irritations and has many other benefits!

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Elysium Epsom Salt is a high quality salt made of magnesium sulfate. Different from table salt, which consists of sodium chloride, Epsom Salt is mainly used as a bath soak or as a body scrub. The magnesium sulfate in this product has a wide range of health benefits, mentally and physically! We'll name a few;

  • Relaxation of the body - magnesium is easily absorbed by the skin and reduces adrenaline levels and stimulates production of serotonin, which is stress relieving.
  • Relaxed feet and healthy toe nails - can even reduce the changes of molds and fungal nails.
  • Eases swellings and bruises
  • Kan ease skin irritation causes by eczema

And their are tons of other ways to use Epsom Salt. Stock up on your favourite Epsom Salt!

Elysium Spa Epsom Salts Eucalyptus 450g


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